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Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Industry’s Most Advanced Contactless Payment System

Tigapo, the cloud-based management and monetization system enabling contactless payments on coin-operated machines, provides operators with the confidence to open safely and recover faster.

“Tigapo’s app-based contactless payment platform is not just the future of payments - it’s the smartest and safest choice you can make right now”, noted Sid Banon, Tigapo’s CEO. “Leading industry and health experts from the IAAPA and the WHO have urged that contactless and mobile payment solutions are sound business practices for a safer and healthier operation of amusement businesses.”

IAAPA Guidelines

IAAPA recently published Reopening Guidance: Considerations for the Attractions Industry with their recommendations for reopening amusement locations. The report was developed "in partnership with attractions members and operators from around the world, as well as health-related guidance from government agencies and medical professionals."

Several of the key conclusions of the IAAPA report here line up perfectly with Tigapo:

  • HEALTH AND SAFETY: Utilize touch-free/contactless payment options when possible.

  • PAYMENTS: Encourage guests to make purchases… from apps once inside the attraction to minimize on-site payment transactions.

Additional support of contactless payments

Data Made Easy

Tigapo employs Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to analyze customer behavior, usage, and spending habits data, translate it and automatically deliver reports that provide recommendations for actions operators can take and programs they can implement to drive their business. This is advanced business intelligence made easy. Tigapo’s machine learning algorithm continues to learn and improve; the more data it analyses, the more accurate it becomes in predicting complicated consumer behaviors.

Powerful Hardware and Software

Tigapo provides powerful payment features fully compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay. The Tigapo solution is an innovative combination of hardware and software designed for coin operated machines which easily integrates with existing bill validator, coin mech and any other payment systems. It consists of an easy-to-install device with a 5” HD screen that utilizes an NFC (near field communications) antenna as a means for device-to-device connection, with or without a smartphone, as well as utilizing Wi-Fi and cellular channels.

In a recent retail location deployment, on average users spent 21% more dollars using the Tigapo app versus the legacy installed card-based payment system

Sid Banon also noted, “We built our business to help you learn more about your customers and create actionable insights to drive additional revenue. The fact that it is also the safest way for you to engage with your consumers as they return will undoubtedly be a strategic advantage.”

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About Tigapo

Tigapo’s digital and mobile-first platform connects coin operated machines to the cloud, collects and analyzes data in real-time empowering operators to learn users’ habits, autonomously and remotely manage operations, drive incremental revenue, and dramatically reduce costs. As a digital payment platform, Tigapo allows users to pay for services with smartphones or NFC tags thereby removing payment friction and maximizing play time. Tigapo is currently focused on the amusement machine industry, but the platform has wide ranging applicability.